About Us

ION-C Scuba Diving


ION-C Scuba Diving is a RAID Dive Center, a Dive Shop, a Dive Community, and a Conservation Centre located in Sidoarjo, East Java, founded on 2015 by a group of divers in Surabaya, has now members throughout Indonesia. ION-C Scuba Diving started as a community in 2015, with a common goal to have fun diving and to enjoy Indonesia’s secret treasure underwater. Several years after it was found, ION-C Scuba Diving launched a dive center in 2016 to grow and improve the community.

We serve our premium services to our clients and we value them each other.

Now with many experienced members in various field of expertise, ION-C Scuba Diving seek to further improve the community itself by contributing to the environment, with a specific target is the underwater marine life around Indonesia.


Vision and Mission


ION-C Scuba Diving was founded as a community, with a common goal to become a great Indonesian Divers Community, contributing to the marine world around Indonesia. ION-C Scuba Diving has a mission to educate divers and non-divers alike to be aware and to contribute to the local marine environment, considering Indonesia is a maritime nation and the fact that Indonesia owns an abundance of underwater tourism opportunity.

To go “Beyond Diving”, ION – C Scuba Diving will involve its member to contribute to the empowerment of the surrounding community, also to share their knowledge about diving and  also educate the local community regarding diving, safety, marine ecosystem, and waste disposal impact on the surrounding area, especially marine ecosystem.