ION-C Scuba Diving is the only SEACAM Dealer in Indonesia. We are proudly to announce this happiness.

The combination of elegance, innovation and precision, present a new dimension in the symbiosis of state-of-the-art underwater housings and digital single lens reflex cameras. Electronic and mechanic perfection of the highest level is perfectly combined with timeless, modern and ergonomic shapes. SEACAM can therefore fulfill the wishes of dedicated hobby photographers as well as those of discerning professional photographers and guarantee superior technology and highest long term value.



ION-C Scuba Diving is the only RGBlue dealer in Indonesia .

RGBlue is the culmination of years of dedication and experience, drawing on the technological expertise over the course of a decade spent producing OEM underwater photographic equipment such as underwater housings for major camera manufacturers. All of that knowledge and expertise, as well as a commitment to exceeding the most stringent quality standards for underwater equipment, has been brought to bear in each and every RGBlue product.



ION-C Scuba Diving is one of Sherwood Scuba Dealer in Indonesia. Sherwood Scuba – Innovation, Quality, Performance for over 60 years. A good quality for scuba diving gear. from head to toe



ION-C Scuba Diving is one of the Akona Dealer in Indonesia, a Sherwood Group.

AKONA is much more than just a bag company with neoprene products, dive accessories, and snorkeling equipment, AKONA provides non life support equipment to the snorkeling and scuba diving markets. AKONA products are built for any adventure in any climate, any environment, and are uniquely designed for activities both below water and above. Engineered to be rugged, versatile and feature rich, all AKONA products are constructed for a lifetime of exploration.



ION-C Scuba Diving is one of the Genesis Dealer in Indonesia, a Sherwood Group.

Genesis Scuba was founded specifically to design and produce only the highest quality dive products, at the most commercially competitive prices. We believe that no diver should have to sacrifice quality, style, innovation or performance for affordability. That’s why Genesis products are the most competitively priced, highest performing scuba products in the industry today.



We trusted one of our dive equipments on Scubapro, that’s why we became Scubapro’s reseller in Indonesia. Scubapro is one of the most legendary on Dive Equipment, established since 1963, with a high quality control and still keep their quality high until today.

We are also a Certified Scubapro Service Center.







RAID is the world’s fastest growing diver training agency with both full service and satellite regional offices, and the standard is high. RAID is also the first diver training agency to offer a complete range of online diver academic programs from beginner to instructor examiner levels in snorkeling, scuba and freediving.



AIDA was created in 1992. AIDA has grown to an international federation and is the single largest organizer of international freediving competitions, rules and regulations. Rules and regulations are discussed and improved continuously and every day around the world new students are trained and earn their certificates. Sport and education, promoting the joy of freediving are key concerns of a sports federation. However – AIDA freedivers also participate in scientific studies on breath hold diving to further the understanding of the human body’s reaction to deep diving and thus improving safety guidelines and regulations. Also environmental protection and research and sustainable development are key concerns of AIDA. A big part of this work is demonstrating to the world that freediving is safe, fun, challenging and a fantastic blend of inner peace, concentration, technique, training, friends and team work. Freediving is sometimes misunderstood as an extreme and dangerous sport for thrill seekers. Nothing could be further from the truth! Today AIDA is the bond that unites freedivers across the planet. “By freedivers for freedivers” really sums up well what AIDA is.



Mercury Marine® has been making world-class outboards and sterndrives for more than 75 years.  Delighting customers by providing the best engine and propulsion solutions for the world’s most demanding environments. Mercury Marine provide innovative, high quality products and services that deliver reliable, easy to use solutions and drive passion for the brand.



Poseidon’s Fully Automatic Rebreather – the Poseidon MKVI – is arguably the greatest breakthrough within the diving community for many decades. It may be the longest and quietest dive you will ever experience – we will not be quiet about its existence. It represents a giant leap in shifting the diving experience towards the sea of tranquillity – allowing us to be an integrated part of the element our ancestors left 440 million years ago.

Poseidon has a record of innovation stretching over more than 55 years. Today’s product range includes world-beating regulators, drysuits, ABC equipment, buoyancy compensators, and a host of add-ons and accessories. But whether it’s developing products, creating software, or supporting training programmes, at the end of the day, Poseidon stands for just three things : Quality, safety, and performance.


DAN is Divers Alert Network, the diving industry’s largest association dedicated to scuba diving safety. Serving scuba divers for more than 30 years, DAN provides emergency assistance, medical information resources, educational opportunities and more. Whether you are just learning how to scuba dive or are a veteran of the sport, DAN has a great deal to offer you.