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RAID Training Flow Chart

ION-C Scuba Diving Dive Center is a RAID Affiliated dive center, which gives a dive training and certification under RAID International Standards. With the standard set by RAID International, we are able to not only certify you as a diver, but also trains you to have the true skills of a diver. With the current declining standard of dive training industry, we maintain the high quality training, to ensure you to become a skillful, aware, and responsible divers.

Why RAID? RAID is an abbreviation from Rebreather Association of International Divers, which are founded in Sweden. Originally, RAID only offers training for Rebreathers, normally used for Technichal Diving. Technical Diving required high standard of disciplines and knowledge, and nowadays, RAID has applied the same standard of discipline and knowledge for recreational diving industries, to ensure the safety of the divers.

There are 6 general level of certification, which are OPEN WATER 20, ADVANCED 35, MASTER RESCUE, DIVEMASTER, INSTRUCTOR, and INSTRUCTOR TRAINER. For you who are interested in learning to dive, you will start at Open Water 20, the entry level of a diver. But don’t worry, as you progress through the level, you will gain more knowledge and experience to help ensuring you to dive properly and responsibly, allowing you to experience the world that non-divers can’t see.



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