RAID Specialty Instructor


RAID Note: The intent of ‘Instructor’ in this section covers both Open Circuit AND Rebreather Instructors.


Specialties, depending on relevant standards may be taught to rebreather or open circuit divers alike.

At times equipment considerations may dictate or make preferable the separation of training or that some specialties are not appropriate.


RAID Instructors who wish to be able to offer a broader range of continuing education programs in more specific areas of diving can continue their training in order to teach specialties. This is achieved by attending a Specialty Instructor Development Program (SIDP) with an Instructor Trainer or through a cross over.

The various RAID specialties are supported by dedicated course notes. Some specialties are included in general training notes.

RAID Instructors may write a distinctive specialty program and submit for authorisation to RAID for approval to teach. Any distinctive specialty will be made available for all Instructors globally upon meeting the prerequisites.


PREREQUISITES in addition to the RGDS:

  1. To be a certified and renewed RAID
  2. To submit the appropriate minimum logged hours as required or as detailed in the specific
  3. Meet each Specialty specific



  1. A RAID Specialty Instructor is certified to teach within the Terms and Conditions of the RGDS and the individual Specialty
  2. Only a renewed RAID Specialty Instructor may teach and sign off student skills relevant to the specific Specialty
  3. Assist another RAID Specialty Instructor during in water training sessions for
  4. Accompany students during in water training
  5. Maintain current liability insurance and RAID membership, subject to local
  6. Dive within the depth limitations detailed in each specific program or those imposed by a student’s qualifications.



As detailed in the specific RAID Specialty Instructor Development Program SIDP (this may form part of the IDP)  CERTIFICATION

Certification is issued once the SIDP or assessment is passed by a RAID Specialty Instructor Trainer or Examiner TRAINING INSTRUCTION

To be conducted by a RAID renewed Specialty Instructor Trainer.








A RAID Instructor that has crossed over to RAID from another recognised training agency may apply in writing to their RAID Regional Office representative to cross over specialties certified through the other agency.

In order to do so they must:

  1. Be renewed RAID
  2. Submit the appropriate minimum logged hours as required and/or as detailed n specific
  3. Submit current Resuscitation, First Aid and Oxygen Provider certificates
  4. Submit equivalent certification from a recognised training agency for consideration for each specific Specialty applied
  5. Submit verification of having  certified diver’s equivalent  to the specific specialty applied  for or be approved by the crossover Instructor Trainer through the training and crossover Items that can be used for verification:
    • Student counts from previous agency
    • Certification records
    • Verified copies of student cards
  6. Complete a practical skill assessment, where necessary, with a RAID Specialty Instructor



RAID Note: The above does not guarantee acceptance by RAID who has the sole decision to accept or ask for further requirements to be met.




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